Perspectives on China

November was nearly over here in the heartland of China.  The days alternated between short manic bursts of sunny, blue skies and  longer periods of sunless, chilly days full of drizzle and melancholy.  It was weather most conducive  to studying Mandarin, writing for my own site, and reading other people’s blogs.  One of my favorite(…)

It's Gettin' Hot in Here (So Hot)

“Wow, you ah sooo stro-ooong.”  The tone of his voice turned each of the last two words into something bisyllabic.   The student had been scoping me out.  This is what it feels like to be a zoo animal or a celebrity in America, and just an ordinary foreigner in Chenzhou, China. My job was to(…)

Bear Fighting in Cyberspace

Some have wondered if I will one day practice medicine in China.  During an interview at Rocky Mountain College, home of the Battlin’ Bears, the director had even suggested that I could do a clinical rotation here.  The thought had occurred to me many times.  Many friends and fellow Bull Dogs from Yale University’s PA(…)

A Journey to Hengshan Mountain

We took the midnight express back to Chenzhou from Hengshan late Saturday night.  This meant getting dirty.  I once spent four years as a grunt.  Digging foxholes and wading through marshes was dirty work too.  I look back at this previous incarnation with nostalgia as I board a crowded train in which tickets were sold(…)