It’s All About Image

I don’t remember ever planning on just being, much less being in Chengdu or even being a writer.  Yet here I am.  As an American in China I have hard time reconciling the fact that I had to come all the way to China in order to find freedom and success in the way H.D.(…)

The Mother of Books is Prompt (And So Can You!)

They say that it takes 10,000 hours or 1,000,000 words (or some combination thereof) to master the craft of writing.  But who has time for that?  We got bills to pay, habits to feed, college loan statements to file away, the list goes on – which is why I’ve picked today to use a special(…)

US Department of Homeland Security agents to receive specialized surveillance training in the PRC

By Matt, Know Knews (WASHINGTON – Know Knews) The US Department of Homeland Security has reportedly prepared its personnel to receive specialized surveillance training in the People’s Republic of China. The US agents will gain innovative solutions to improve national security. ­DHS personnel are to arrive at mainland China data mining hubs a month before(…)

Back to the Future: My First Lesson in Cognitive Dissonance

North central Pennsylvania is beautiful and temperate this time of year.  The day reveals a land of maze-like mountain ranges, each ridge roughly the same elevation.  Geologists describe this kind of rugged terrain as a desiccated plateau.  Here there are ridges beyond ridges lush with forest, waterways, bogs, valleys with farms, corn fields and cattle(…)

Getting Settled in the City of Perpetual Gloom

A  green-eyed monster was here.  I knew it when another foreign teacher complimented Sarah, a post-doc student assigned to help me transition to life in one of China’s largest cities, the City of Perpetual Gloom.  To me, the green-eyed monster was a minotaur which shook its head furiously and threw its horns to either side. (…)