Interview with Segrob Egroj on the Art of Metafiction

(Excerpted from The Ministry of Foreign Languages Review): Interviewer: When did you begin to write? Did the olfactorory bulbectemy have any impact on the way you write? Segrob Egroj: After the Washington Mall massacre, I decided to stay in the E.A.R. but was befuddled beyond all comprehension as to how to make a living. By(…)

A Proposal at Jiuzhai Valley

A Proposal at Jiuzhai Valley

One day early that Year of the Snake (2013), we had chosen to get away from the daily grind and our bosses in Chengdu. We journeyed to the Jiuzhai Valley for the Ice Waterfall Festival somewhere over in the Tibetan regions of northwestern Sichuan Province.   Every Chinese New Year, the folk of that area(…)

How to Act Now Before Your Total Abnilisation (All major credit cards accepted!)

A Note to the Reader: “How to Act Now Before Your Total Abnilisation” is a work of cosmic pseudepigraphy by American fabulist Matt Muller, significant for its experimental style and its reputation as one of the most difficult works of metafictional advertisement in the American language. Its first draft written in Chengdu, China over a(…)

Will reading the book Wired for Story really make you a better storyteller?

In my 36th year as a would-be and penniless writer, I found myself exiled to a dark rough and tumble city in the Far West, guns blazing as a steely-eyed wordslinger for hire.  But then one day I stumbled upon Lisa Cron’s Wired for Story. The book’s first pages caught my attention.  But alas, the(…)

It’s All About Image

I don’t remember ever planning on just being, much less being in Chengdu or even being a writer.  Yet here I am.  As an American in China I have hard time reconciling the fact that I had to come all the way to China in order to find freedom and success in the way H.D.(…)