Midsummer – Year of the Fire Rooster

After seven years of teaching in China, I’m glad to return to America–for the time being–and enjoy some good old fashioned reverse culture shock. There’s music on the car radio I haven’t heard in years. Weekly trips to matinees showing current/uncensored films that do not require government issue IMAX 3D glasses. There’s fresh air and blue sky and green lawns. Even all the mass delusion here in the wilds of Make America Great Again seems quaint to me.

And right now there is much to do. Books to read. Trails to hike. Old friends to visit. An action-comedy script in the works. And finally, it goes without saying that I must attend to the ongoing Golden Age of Long Form Drama.

What’s more, I just turned 41 years of age, which seems to be the new 31 years of age. For all my younger friends and family out there, the good news is that 41 ain’t so bad. To me, it just means I have another forty or so years to get things done.

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