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    My First Week in China

    Arriving only a week ago in China with my ESL certification, and with only one day before classes begin at Xiangnan University, I was informed I will be teaching Literature to juniors and Drama to seniors!

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    Of Fried Chicken Feet

    Second Thoughts Well… I’m here. “You must act like you are at home. Please tell me if you experience any inconvenience.” These were the words of Mr. Bob Chen—his words a constant refrain throughout our first hours together. Bob was a small, thin man wearing a short sleeve dress shirt tucked into slacks. He took my fully loaded backpack away from me—if he was a contortionist he would be able to fit inside it; pack being about half his weight. He was small, but I knew his heart was big. A couple days in country… How can I sum it all up? China was dirty, hot, loud, and bustling. The…